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This device brings high performance, daring design and complete ventilation monitoring together. All control can be made through the 17" Touch Screen Monitor or the single button Easy Touch® System. For premature to adult patients with long-lasting intensive care critical patients.



Description: Electronic Microprocessed pulmonary servo-ventilator for respiratory failure for adult to neonatal patients in the ICU. This device brings high performance, daring design and complete ventilation monitoring together. Modes: VCV, PCV, PCV/AV®, SIMV/V, SIMV/P®, MMV, BIPV®, CPAP, PSV, PSV/AV® and VSV®.


Integrated Monitoring: Colored graphic monitor with simultaneous presentation of the medium inhaled tidal volume, average exhaled tidal volume, minute volume, breathing rate, I:E ratio, exhalation time, maximum inhalation pressure, medium inhalation pressure, plateau inhalation pressure, PEEP, airway resistance (RAW), elastic pulmonary compliance, static pulmonary compliance (Cstat), inhalation work (WOB), dynamic pulmonary compliance (Cdyn), intrinsic pressure at the end of exhaling (ipeep), occlusion pressure (P0.1), Tobin rate (iT), and FiO2.


• Automatic selection of the Patient Mode, adult, pediatric, and neonatal, and of the average values recommended for Tidal Volume, Frequency, and Inhaling Flow, Inhaling Pause, PEEP, and Maximum Pressure (after the weight is informed by the operator).
• 17" Touch Screen Monitor allows to have access to and adjust all the controls;
• Easy Touch® System allows one to have access to and adjust all of the controls through a single button or via the quick access keys, which are grouped logically and related to the data disposition on the monitor;
• Backup modes for the case of apnea;
• Selectable flow curves: square, decelerated, accelerated and sinusoid;
• Servo-valve system that ensures greater flow and allows for immediate responses in the spontaneous ventilation cycles;
• Digital control with the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology that allows for more fidelity of the adjusted parameters;
• Direct controls for the main ventilation parameters;
• Complete audiovisual alarm system with on-screen messages for immediate identification of the type of alarm;
• Alveolar Recruitment - greatly useful to revert alveolar atelectasia;
• TGI Tracheal Gas Insufflations;
• 100% Oxygen - scheduled for 90 seconds;
• P.aux Measurement;
• FiO2 Measurement.


Special resources:

• ILV - Independent Lung Ventilation (optional).
• Capnography (optional).