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Everything you need for day-to-day activities in the ICU, for emergencies and for CPR. It has a graphic liquid crystal display to monitor adjustments and alarms. For pediatric and adult patients in medium and short-duration emergency intensive care.


Description: Micro processed electronic respirator for respiratory failure for pediatric and adult patients; Emergency and Post-Anesthesia recovery use.

Modes: PLV, CV, SIMV, A/C.

Integrated Monitoring: Calibrated pressure bar graph from -10 cmH2O to 100 cmH2O, maximum and medium inhalation pressure (temporal), exhalation time, inhalation time, numerical values for all parameters above and graphic display with Pxt curve.




• Automatic selection of the patient mode, adult or pediatric, and of the average values recommended for the rate, relation, current volume, maximum pressure and PEEP according to the weight informed by the operator when the ventilator is switched on.
• Direct controls for the main ventilation parameters;
• Complete audiovisual alarms with on-screen messages for immediate alarm-type identification;
• Liquid crystal display presenting the ventilation controls and monitoring independently;
• Cycle triggering per pressure;
• Easy-Touch® button allowing simple and fast ventilation parameter access and adjustment;
• Electronic button for manual inhalation (cycle synchronization);
• Air/O2 mixer integrated to the ventilator with 21% to 100% O2 integration;
• Active inhalation pressure control;
• Protection system against apnea in the modes that require inhalation to trigger the cycles, with controlled backup mode;
•Security for mode change since it requires the operator to readjust all necessary parameters before making the mode change .