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About ECM Company

Based in Angouleme in Southwest France, ECM concentrates at this location the various talents of our highly skilled ultrasound know-how (Research and Development, Production, Marketing and Sales).

For more than 20 years, our highly specialized R&D team has developed solutions adapted to your requirements by using the most advanced technology.

Our dynamic R&D team brings together our medical imaging specialists and our highly skilled software and hardware engineers.

The manufacturing process of ECM’s ultrasound scanners has been developed according to the most modern techniques of production management and quality control.

Our ultrasound scanners are marketed throughout the world by an international distributor network.

Thus, everywhere in the world, thanks to our local distributor, you will have all the service that you need while using our ultrasound unit.

We establish with our clients a long-term relationship by placing at their disposal a constant evolution.


ECM offers you to take your ultrasound scanner needs in hand.

ECM has a team of specialists available to help you with the startup of your ultrasound scanner. You will receive appropriate hands-on training, which will enable you to perfectly control all the functions and features of your unit.

ECM is experienced in maintenance, repair and scanner servicing. For this reason, we are able to ensure that the greatest care will be taken to your unit in order to guarantee its longevity and its effectiveness.

ECM ensures an effective After-Sales Service.

Thus we guarantee the repair of your ultrasound scanner within 48 hours after its receipt in our workshop. Each country has its own After-Sales Service so that you have the same quality of local services.

All our technicians are trained and qualified, and intervene according to our criteria of:
• Speed
• Traceability
• Quality of the interventions
• Quality control before shipping back

ECM is committed to accompany you as much in the evolution of the functions, which can appear useful or necessary, progressing with the evolution of your needs, as well as in the progress of science and technology.

Your satisfaction makes our reputation.


IMAGYNE - Color diognostic Ultra sound Scanner