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About Fanem

A medical-hospital-laboratory sector company founded in 1924.

Pioneer in the manufacturing of medical equipment First Brazilian company in the industry with NBR and IEC certified products and also the firs to obtain the GMP- "Good Manufacturing Practices".

Fanem is a conceptual company, always seeking to boost its own identity, becoming the sole, exclusive market leader.


Exporting to about 90 countries, almost 100% of their product line, the company uses to sell for markets as: Indonesia, Egypt, Vietnam, Russia, Greece, Jordan, Emirates, New Zealand, Lebanon, Germany, Denmark, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, China and Ukraine, amongst others. With many of these countries, FANEM Ltda keeps exclusive agreements of representation that includes training and technical assistance.


Show Room: Av. General Ataliba Leonel, 1790
Zip code: 02033-020 - Cx. Postal 2836 - São Paulo
PABX (11) 2972-5700 - Fax (11) 2979-1575
Factory: Rua Arthur Carl Schmidt, 100 - Cumbica
Guarulhos - SP


Biosafety Line:

Vertical Autoclaves Model 415

Horizontal Autoclaves Model FKO 420 C

Autoclave 390

Water Distiller Model 724

Incubator for Bacterial Culture – Line Model 502

Incubator for Sterilization and Natural Convection Desiccation – Line 515 (Oven)

Aspirators Model R2D2 (Diapump R2D2)


Laboratory Line:

Bench Centrifuge Excelsa 3 Model 280

Refrigerated Bench Centrifuge Excelsa 4 Model 280 R

Serum and Cytology Bench Centrifuge Model 2400

Bench Centrifuge Baby I Model 206 BL

Microhemato Bench Centrifuge Model 2410

Vertical Freezer – Model 349fv

Blood Bank Refrigerator Model 347 – CSV

Stirrer Line Model 251 (Shaker)

Water Bath Model 102– N/6


Neonatal Line:

Baby pap ® - Neonatal CPAP

Bed of Humanized Delivery Model MP 7097

Intensive Care Multisystem Model 2051

Bilispot ® 006 – BP (Phototherapy)

Incubator Model 1186

Incubator Model 2286

Incubator Model 2186

Incubator Model IT –185/TS (Transport Model)

Bilitrone 3006