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HM2002D – BED



HEADBOARD AND FOOTBOARD: Structured on its sides injected with polyurethane material.


CHASSIS: Base built of 50 x 30 x 2,5mm rectangular steel tube profiles and totally covered with high resistance thermoplastic material.


MATTRESS PLATFORM STRUCTURE: Made from steel sheet of 3,2mm profiled in U shape.


MATTRESS PLATFORM: Articulated in 4 sections, with structure in tubes of 25 x 25 x 1,2mm and 50 x 30 x 2,0mm, totally covered in ABS thermo-conformed radiotransparent of high impact.


MOTORS: Movements controlled by four motors, 2 placed under mattress platform and 2 placed at the base. Armored and endued with course end aiming protection.



Main voltage: 127 or 220 volts - 60 Hz. Secondary voltage: 24 volts - 6,5 A with battery units 24 V - 2 Ah, rechargeable. SIDE RAILS: Two pairs of injected polyurethane retractable side rails. One pair placed at head and another at legs section with independent movements and fixed to bed. Are movable by half-rotation system, allowing to be kept above and below mattress platform. Supplied with safety locks and system to place them underneath the mattress platform.


DIGITAL CONTROL WITH ARMORED KEY: Two digital controls placed at the two head section side rails, with internal and external control. One placed at footboard with general bed`s movements control including CPR and Trendelemburg locking with a single command. BUMPERS: Rubber bumpers on all four bed`s corners for wall protection.


CASTERS: 150mm diameter casters with conductive roller band in polyurethane with movement/brake system controlled by a single pedal placed at the two sides of bed`s base, allowing free movement of the four casters in all directions. Also allows directing two casters for long courses and besides avoids bed`s movements by locking all four casters.


SCALE: Incorporated to bed to weight patients. Eliminates the necessity of removing the patient to a separate scale. Has digital control on the external part of footboard and it is of easy handling. By a single command’s touch keeps the patient’s weight, making possible to add or to take out accessories over the bed or over the patient. Weights the patient in any position. 


Dimensions: External: 2,15 x 1,10m; adjustable height from 0,55 to 0,80m. Internal: 1,90 x 0,90m.


ANVISA: 80172580001



  • Radiotransparent drawer in high pressure laminate under the back section
  • Perforated mattress platform in steel sheet
  • Support for oxygen’s cylinder
  • I.V. Pole
  • Battery for bed and/or scale
  • Nocturnal illumination and nurse calling
  • Quick release system for back section