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Incubator model IT – 185/TS (transport Model)


• Double or single-walled acrylic hood with optical quality.
• Shock absorber system allows several peripheral accessory couplings in a wide tray.
• Air (ATC) and skin (ITC) temperature control systems.
• Car with adjustable height aluminum structure.
• High stability level of the ambient chamber conditions.
• Vital module equipped with 2 sealed rechargeable batteries.
• Sliding bed to facilitate intubation maneuvers in patient.
• Foam humidifying system above the bed.
• Two or less size “E” cylinders can be fitted.
• Microprocessor systems fully controlled.
• Product certified according to NBR IEC 60601.1, NBR IEC 60601.2.20 and NBR IEC 60601.1.2.