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Resources and accuracy in emergency services, with a specific fixation system for use in ambulances, stretchers and rescue units, including air rescue. For pediatric and adult patients for transpor t inside and outside the hospital, and emergency care


Description: Portable micro processed electronic volumetric or pressure metric ventilator for emergencies and transportation. It has a room air mixer and allows adjustments between 50 and 100% oxygen.

Modes: CMV, A/C and SIMV




  • Direct controls for Tidal Volume, Rate, Assisted Sensitivity and Oxygen Concentration;
  • Maximum pressure, probe disconnection, low battery, and gas mains alarms;
  • The device works with an internal rechargeable NiCd battery, with a total capacity of 08 hours;
  • Room air mixer that allows for an adjustment of 50% to 100% of Oxygen;
  • Simple, easy to assembly, clean, and sterilize patient circuit;
  • Specific placement system for use in Ambulances, Stretchers, Mobile Rescue Units, including for air transportation.
  • Bar graph indicating the inhalation pressure and PEEP;
  • Stand By key that interrupts the ventilator's functions;
  • Manual cycle button that determines the beginning of the breathing cycle;
  • Alarm mute for 2 minutes;
  • PEEP Valve;
  • 12-V external battery.