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Áquilla 100

AQUILA-100 has been designed to ease handling and transportation inside surgery rooms, emergency units, and ITU. It provides full scope of radiology with details as to allow for fast and accurate diagnosis.



Unitank X-ray generator with wave rectification. 6kW X-ray tube, with effective focus of 3,2 x 3,2 mm.


Manual luminous collimator.


Control desk with conjugated control of kV and mA to give total protection to the X-ray tube.


Exposition time selector in 22 steps with adjust from 0,05 to 5 seconds.


Indicators for net reading and for mA reading during exposition.


Adjust of line voltage in 8 positions enabling correction of approximately 20 (+_ 15%).



Free technique for exposition time in every charge.


Power source 220 VCA.


Arm with 70 cm vertical travel and 18 cm horizontal travel.


Tube stand out line dimensions height= 200cm, width= 60 cm.


Mechanical locks enabling to stop in every position.


Opitions-Cassete Holder Table and Stand.