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Áquilla Plus | Raios X transportável

High performance mobile diagnosis system that allows for ideal device positioning, so providing high quality and optimal contrast examinations. It features versatility and easy motion with high internal power. Perfect for examinations inside orthopedic rooms, surgery rooms, ITUs, and ITCs.


mA selection with focus programmable to 300(500)mA.

Rotating anode 150kV – 20/40kW.

Focus 1,0mm and 2,0mm.

kV 30- 125 adjustment with 1kV step.

Microprocessor controlled high frequency generator.

Constant voltage.

Line voltage automatic compensation.


kV – mA – mAs – time digital display.

Programmable time selection.

3 optional working positions:

-Without Bucky exams

-Bucky table exam

-Bucky wall stand exams

X-ray exposure with led and sound indication.

After exposure automatic magnetic break.

Protection circuits to:

-Anode rotation

-Filament failure

-Tube overload

-Tube housing thermal protection

Chassis compartment.

X-ray tube stand.

180 degree column rotation.

Articulated revolving arm.

Vertical arm displacement.

Timer luminous collimator.


-Bucky table

-Bucky wall stand

-Automatic exposure control

-X-ray tube with special power and focus


-Height: 120 / 145 cm

-Width: 79 cm

-Depth: 140 cm